Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I am engaged now!!!

As I had announced earlier, I finally got engaged on July 26th 2007. Have uploaded the photographs on the web.

Click on the photograph below to view the entire album.

Engagement Photos

Update: Many people have been asking me about Esha. Well... here are a few things about her.

  • Who is She? Esha is a small town girl from Aligarh staying with her parents in Narora
  • What does she do? She has done her MSc in Physics and she also has a BEd (too good for just a graduate (me!) isn't she?). Presently she is doing a course in Information Technology.
  • How did I meet her? Its an arranged marriage. We met just one day before the engagement :-)


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Anonymous said...

abey bulaya nahi woh baat alag hai....
par bataya bhi nahi, big time offence!!!!

--Manish Gupta

I-T said...

Congrats buddy!!! Awesome Pics.

Sorry for stumbling upon this so late. Hope you two have a blast. :)

I-T said...
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