Monday, September 17, 2007

Ugaldo - Yet another Micro-Blogging site

In last few months, Micro-Blogging web-sites have become very popular. I see more and more of my friends on Twitter. Sometimes back, there was some discussion on the famous Scobleizer blog (owned by Robert Scoble). I was on twitter before this discussion happened, but that's when I came to know of this term - Micro-Blogging. Its an amazing thing to see people contributing with so much of enthusiasm.

Today, someone forwarded a link to Ugaldo. I believe this is one more web-site that falls under the Micro-Blogging category. Ugaldo (read as उगल दो) is a Hindi phrase that means - "Vomit Out". lets you vomit out your emotions, frustrations (or anything and everything).

Lets see how far this phenomenon goes.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A trip to the bank

It was a regular day at work. I was doing something on my laptop (I still have a hangover of getting this mighty new Dell Latitude 820 Platinum Edition) trying to install a few new things. My colleague Ankit (who happens to be one of my best friends in Microsoft) came to me and said - "Let's go downstairs. I have some work. I need to go to the bank and have to meet a friend of mine". It was a fairly regular thing. We usually go together for short trips within the campus. I said ok... lets go. I locked my computer and off we went... on our way to the bank (we have a branch of ICICI bank within our campus).

On the way down, in the lift, Ankit said "I have to meet a friend of mine and I want to introduce you two to each other. Along with that friend, there's also a female friend. I need you to tell me if she would be good for me!". This was something new... and exciting. I was looking forward to it.

We took a sudden turn towards a Barista stall (again, within the campus) and he said "My friend will meet me at Barista". I said "Okay..". But I saw something that signaled something fishy. I saw my manager sitting there at Barista. What is he doing there? As we moved on, I could recognize more and more number of faces there... Boy... its the entire team sitting here. My whole team was sitting there at Barista... And now the secret was revealed by Ankit "Its a surprise for you!".

I could not believe what was happening. The surprise party was for four things

  1. I got engaged
  2. Mahendra and his wife were blessed with a son earlier this monday
  3. It was Ankit's birthday last saturday
  4. Gowri was moving on to pursue another career opportunity (not sure if this was a happy occasion)

The team had arranged for a cake (which all four of us cut), and a few gifts for me. Things went on well with a small speech from each one of us and cake cutting and painting of course :).

Here are some of the photos from the small little trip to the bank :)

A trip to the bank

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I am engaged now!!!

As I had announced earlier, I finally got engaged on July 26th 2007. Have uploaded the photographs on the web.

Click on the photograph below to view the entire album.

Engagement Photos

Update: Many people have been asking me about Esha. Well... here are a few things about her.

  • Who is She? Esha is a small town girl from Aligarh staying with her parents in Narora
  • What does she do? She has done her MSc in Physics and she also has a BEd (too good for just a graduate (me!) isn't she?). Presently she is doing a course in Information Technology.
  • How did I meet her? Its an arranged marriage. We met just one day before the engagement :-)