Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A bunch of announcements

It’s been quite some time since my last post. So much so that people have started asking me why am I not posting anything? Well, there are two reasons for it

  • I am going through a lot of changes in my personal life
  • I wanted to separate personal blog entries from those related to Microsoft

Changes in my personal life

One BIG News

I know this is probably not a place to announce something like this! But hey… this is my personal blog. And I want to give it a further personal touch by posting things that are actually personal to me.

So… the news is – I am getting engaged on Sunday August 26th 2007 with Esha Singh. I have been personally instructed by Esha not to post her pictures. So I won’t do it (basically I don’t want to get into trouble at such an early stage!). As opposed to most of my friend’s expectations, it’s an arranged marriage!

I am very excited about it and am looking forward to a happy new life.

Some more changes

A few years back, when I was a kid, I started reading about Mahatma Gandhi. It took me so many years to understand the value and impact of Gandhian principles. In the recent times, I have been reading a lot about history, politics, and a lot of other social issues that affect an average Indians life. When I put both the learning in context, it surprises me to see that this nation of Gandhi has deviated so much from Gandhian principles. It has only been 60 years and the political system as almost collapsed.

It may sound little too big (and a bit stupid too) but I have decided to take an effort to change this. More on this front in the coming few posts.

Moving MS Related posts

I will no longer post Microsoft related stuff here

I have a blog on MSDN to which I have not posted anything so far. Primary reason for this was that I did not have too much of tech-stuff to contribute. Or, to be more specific, I didn’t have any experience of writing a tech-blog. And being a long time reader of various blogs on MSDN, I understand that a normal reader would expect technical content on MSDN blogs.

The new destination for MS Posts

All the forthcoming posts will be on my MSDN Blog.

I have started writing at least informative posts about Microsoft and its products, so, after contemplating the decision for the past few weeks, I have decided to move this piece to my MSDN Blog. However, I will keep posting a link to the posts on my MSDN blog for the first few posts.

What happens to this blog?

I will continue to blog here but only on things that are not related to Microsoft (my personal life beyond Microsoft). Additionally, as I said, I will be linking to my posts on my MSDN blog.

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