Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Windows Vista Test-drive

Have you not had your hands on Windows Vista yet? Still thinking if it will actually help your business? Well, here is your chance to take a look at it online. Try your hands on Windows Vista running live right through your web browser.

Visit Windows Vista Test Drive Website today.

For the techies who are willing to know how this online hands-on thingy works, here is a bit of Gyan for you. It is powered by Microsoft Virtual Labs. Virtual Labs is a cool new way for Microsoft to demonstrate its new products running live in virtual environments. Its something like running a virtual machine on your Virtual PC. The only difference here is that the virtual machine runs on Microsoft's hardware and you seem to work in a live online environment.

I am confused about one thing. And the reason for my confusion is - why on earth are you still reading this post? Had I been in your position, I would already be taking a tour of Windows Vista or playing around with cool new technologies on Virtual Labs. Go ahead. Do it :-)

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