Thursday, July 26, 2007


No! Its not another 'i' from Apple :-)

We all listen to mp3 and we can select from a large number of portable mp3 players out there in the market. But, if you are someone like me, you also want to sing those songs and probably record your own voice with your favorite music and listen to it. Yeah.. I know I can do that with so many Karaoke systems that are available. How about having a single device that helps me do both - listen to mp3, act as a karaoke system and record my own voice with my favorite music.
i-Singh does just that. "It's Outrageous", one of the entertainment companies in the US has launched the world's first interactive, handheld MP3-Karaoke player, that allows users to sing along to their favorite tunes, listen to top hits, and record their own voices all at once. This ultimate portable device brings together MP3 and Karaoke technologies like never before.
Watch the video below

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