Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Safari for Windows

#define WinSafari "Safari for Windows"

Apple released their famous (???) Safari browser’s beta for both OS X and Windows. Before getting into details, I must say, it definitely is a welcome move from Apple. Apple had been very close ended so far targeting Safari only for just about 5% market share that they have in the Desktop market.
On day 0, hackers around the world put their brains to work and wrote exploits for WinSafari . Here is a quick compilation of some of them:-

You can find many more if you search on the internet (or if you write one)!!!
I downloaded Safari today out of curiosity. I didn’t get into details of writing an exploit on Safari. But I just tried to surf a few websites that I visit quite often. All I can say is that it is highly immature for at least rendering. CSS breaks most of the times, Unicode doesn’t work, JavaScript breaks every now and then and many more. This is not a hacker’s perspective. This is a naïve user’s perspective. As a simple user who wants to surf the web, one would assume that the pages will at least appear as they should.

Here are some side by side comparisons of how the same page looks in IE 7 and in WinSafari

PageOn IE 7On WinSafari
Windows Live Image Search
Unicode characters (Hindi)


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