Monday, June 25, 2007

Lets help Earth cool down a little!

Its normal for me to leave my computers ON for longer than they need to be kept ON. I believe there are many more people doing something similar. I don't know how others feel about doing it. At least I regret doing so, but I still do it. Its become a habit now. It ends up wasting a lot of energy which in turn is taxing on the environment.

Uniblue Labs (a Microsoft certified partner) took note of it and made a cool tool to help us save some energy without having to leave this bad habit of ours. The tool basically minimizes energy consumption by our computer in several ways, turning off monitors in sometime, lower/turn off the hard disk spin, hibernate the computer. All the settings are configurable. The coolest part is, it shows you how much energy you have saved and how it has helped the earth. Take a look at the screenshot below :-


I have installed it on my machine and I urge everyone to download it and use it.

However, it doesn't mean I will continue with my bad habit. I'll work towards improving on it :-)

Lets help Earth cool down a little!

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