Wednesday, March 5, 2008

GTalk is driving me nuts

I am very fond of IM systems and love the way they can help me keep connected with my friends and family. I use quite a few IM systems regularly such as

  • Windows Live messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger for Vista
  • Google Talk (or GTalk as we all like to call it)

A few days ago, I installed FireFox to test a piece of JavaScript I had written. While installing it, I made sure I do not select FF as my default browser (it is still IE 7).

To my surprise, GTalk no longer respects my default browser setting, opening any link from GTalk fires up FireFox. This is really really annoying to me. The worst part is that I cannot change it anywhere :(

Folks at 'G' (and Mozilla)- is this some sort of a tactic to outsell IE? I refuse to call it a tactic. It is called annoying the user.

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