Tuesday, December 11, 2007


About 6 years back when I was in college, I was a C++ enthusiast and I never thought anything could be better or beyond C++.

It was during those days when I wrote a version of Shuffle (a very popular tile game) using MFC. I don't have the source code now. But as far as I remember, it was very complex for me at that time and it took me almost a week to code it.

Now, my world has evolved and I write code for a better platform - .net

Today evening at about 6 PM, a though crossed my mind - Why not rewrite Shuffle using C#? As I had some time with me, I went ahead and wrote it only this time with a better and extensible design.

As I am writing this post, it is 8:20 PM and I am done with a basic version of Shuffle which is an exact replica of the MFC version that I had written earlier.

Here is a Screen Print of Shuffle:


Presently, it includes simple Numbered tiles based game. But I intend to add Image tiles as well.

Click here to download it.


NOTE: The source-code isn't available for download as of now. I will make it available once I am done with Image Tiles as well.



The source code is now available for download. I haven't implemented Image Tiles yet. And I don't think I will be doing it anytime soon. If you are very keen on Image Tiles, go ahead and modify the source code. I made a couple of fixes to the code and added comments before releasing it for download.